Monday, May 11, 2009

The Satisfaction of Completion

I've always gotten a great deal of satisfaction out of finishing something. Whether it's a bottle of shampoo or a sewing project, there's always that moment of pleasure knowing I've actually stuck with it until the end. Those of you who know me personally know I constantly struggle with focus. Sometimes there are just too many distracting things in this wonderful world that I find it hard to stick with anything long enough to actually reap the benefits of completion. For the past week I've looked out my kitchen window and instead of seeing the beautiful mountain view my gaze usually settles on, I saw a half completed deck staining. My husband had painted the flat part of the deck on a lovely cool day, but had not painted the railing and door. The railing easily has 75 to 100 small spindles requiring paint and a great deal of time. After over a week of solid rain and no opportunity to finish the job, I decided it was the perfect time to finish the job. It was the absolutely perfect spring day. Sunny, but cool with the most delicious breeze to keep the job from getting too warm. I don't broadcast this little tidbit about myself, but I actually enjoy painting. Especially the type of painting most people hate. The tedious trim part, like painting a jillion railing spindles! So I spent Mother's Day on my top deck, enjoying the mountain view and breeze, painting spindles and watching my husband plant sweet potatoes in our garden. This morning we have rain, again, but my view out my kitchen window is now one of satisfaction. Now to the bottom deck on the next day we have without rain!

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  1. I have a few projects to finish too...although, I must first START them! We are celebrating our 5th year in our house and I just keep thinking about all the little projects I just keep putting off. The gutters are not going to install themselves, right!?
    Side note: we had rain pretty much all last week here on the East Coast too...