Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Zen Moments

Everyone needs a zen moment now and then and fortunately I've had lots of opportunities in the last few years for those moments. This picture was taken on a lovely spring morning at Dupont State Forest in North Carolina. We had spent the night in a quaint bed and breakfast very near the park and hiked to this waterfall immediately after breakfast. I've been an early riser most of my life and it definitely has its advantages. There was no one else in the park except for the wildlife. While David was off taking hundreds of pictures, I just sat and enjoyed the mist of the waterfall hitting my face. Ahhhhhhhh!
Eventually I did get up and explore the rest of the waterfall. We climbed to the very top of this triple fall waterfall that day. Great day!

There are all types of Zen and this is Miss Bianca's type. She lives to go camping and hiking. This picture is of the bridge leading from the campground at Hungry Mother Park in Virginia over to the lake. We wore out the path around the lake on this trip.

This picture is of a perfect day on Roan Mountain. Part of Roan Mountain is in Tennessee and part of it is in North Carolina. The spot we're sitting on in the picture is in North Carolina. It was the first time Bianca had gone hiking and she took to it like a pro. I was trying to teach her how to enjoy the moment, but as you can tell from the picture she was more interested in hiking more than enjoying the view. I hope these pictures have given you a moment of zen in your busy day and inspired you to take a moment to enjoy today.