Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Purse Completed

It's very satisfying to come up with an idea, let it roll around in your brain for a while, tweak and improve it and finally see it culminate to a completed project. That's why Monday was a great day for me. It was the day I finally finished that process and could sit back and look at my work. My new purse is the result of months of trying to come up with an easier and more practical sewing process to create a better product. I already knew that the style of purse would be popular, people had been asking me for months to make them a version of the purse I was carrying. I hummed and hawed and overpriced the purse, just so I wouldn't actually have to go through the excrutiating process that making the first purse had been. It was very difficult because I had made the entire purse on the serger. I have since learned that all the tight curves on this purse aren't condusive to the serger. One day recently in the bathtub (my think tank) it occurred to me that a combination of the serger and the sewing machine would actually make this purse possible and still have hair left when I was finished. Long story short, I'm making my sixth purse this morning and have two more cut out to finish later today. I have been able to lower the price of the purse and am actually enjoying making them. Who knew that the purse that had started out as a pain reliever would actually turn out to be my saving grace. The blue purse in the picture below is the first purse I've listed on Etsy in this style. Check it out and look for lots more in the future.


  1. Figuring out a better process is always so rewarding!

  2. Can we see a pic? :) Your blog is full of fun stories!