Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Feeling very lucky today to have my second treasury on Etsy. It's not easy to get a treasury on Etsy to showcase listings, so I feel very blessed to have one two weeks in a row. I am blown away with all the local artistry in the East Tennessee area and wanted to show off some of that talent in this week's showcase. I don't know any of these talented individuals personally, I am just a great admirer of all their talents and even a customer of several of them. That's the hardest part about Etsy, not spending all the money you make there on all the beautiful things you find in other shops. When you're a creative person yourself, you recognize and appreciate how much must have gone into the creation of all the incredible items listed on Etsy. My favorites list of things I'd like to buy in the future is twice as big as my store! With my sewing being my only income now, I have to be very selective with how I spend the money I do have and some days it is very difficult to do. But when my store really takes off, watch out fellow Etsy artists!

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